Vpak® Launches Second Generation Tru-Def Video-In-Print Screens featuring State-Of-The-Art IPS Technology

Most Advanced Screen Technology Available Significantly Improves Color Rendition and Viewing Angle

Press Release 09 27 2016NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Vpak® today announced the worldwide release of second-generation Tru-Def Video-In-Print screens utilizing the latest IPS (In Plane Switching) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology. IPS technology allows for even brighter and more vivid depiction of colors, as well as a vastly improved viewing angle compared to the older TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screens employed by other manufacturers.

“With this improvement in screen technology, we are bringing an even more enhanced viewing experience to our clients,” said Rob Likoff, CEO of Vpak. “Vpak is committed to bringing continuous improvement to this field and our new second-generation Tru-Def screens are designed to offer our clients even greater engagement with their video content than previously possible. With the older screens other manufacturers utilize, if the video is watched at an even slight angle, the viewer will notice a significant decline in brightness, image quality, and color reproduction. With our new IPS screens, however, the video may be viewed at almost any angle with no degradation in performance.”

“We are pleased to be the only manufacturer to offer this technology, and proud to be the leading the industry in Video-In-Print Innovation,” said Richard Weber, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Vpak. “In addition to consuming less power, IPS has the advantage of maximizing the benefits of better light properties in the crystals increasing the precision of shades of color per crystal channel. Older TN-TFT screens have lower color fidelity – usually 18-bit, while IPS screens can display 24-bit true-color. Of course what our clients care about is the enhanced color rendition and the greatly expanded viewing angle.”

Tru-Def is only available from Vpak.