Vpak Brochure

A video brochure with a soft cover.
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Vpak Book

A video brochure with a hard cover.
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Vpak Business Card

The same width and height as a business card.
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Vpak mini

The same width and height as a credit card embedded in a plastic casing.
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Vpak Video Mailer

Any size or format inside. Mailable outer wrappers make it mailable. More About Video Mailers

Vpak Retail Display

Modular system allowing various shelf, counter bin and wall mounts as well as easy access to update video and print content.
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Vpak Magazine Insert

A very thin video module or insert embedded into a magazine.
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Vpak Audio

Short or multi-chapter audio content embedded into brochures.

Vpak Presentation Box

A unique and high-impacting way to showcase special products.