To our customers, a Vpak is a video and audio player embedded within another media – typically a paper brochure or book. To us, a Vpak is a continuously evolving new media channel, which allows users to access your video content anywhere they want without the need for connectivity or expensive devices. Although simple to use and update, Vpak Video-In-Print players represent the latest in technology and software development – all designed to make delivery of video content engaging and seamless to the end user.
Absolutely not. We can create a Vpak in many other forms including boxes, display units, shelf talkers, countertop displays, easels and more. We’ve even put a Vpak into a cocktail shaker. If you can think it up, we can probably do it.
We can make a Vpak with as much capacity as you need. “Capacity” is not only based on the length of your video, but is also a function of quality of your video, screen size and screen type. Our unique “Tru-Def”™ technology triples the number of pixels available compared to conventional screen technology, and therefore may require more memory to display all its spectacular advantages. We will help you select the right configuration to maximize the impact and minimize the cost.
We are very proud to introduce the newest advance in video in print technology: Tru-Def! Available only from Vpak, Tru-Def combines new screen hardware and our proprietary software to take the viewing experience to the next level. We’ve tripled the number of pixels the screen contains and created software, which results in a spectacularly brighter picture, greater contrast, improved color saturation and a wider viewing angle. It truly needs to be seen to be appreciated.
Tru-Def is a trademarked and patent pending combination of hardware and software available uniquely from Vpak.
You can have as many videos as you want. We have pioneered user-friendly ways for your users to navigate your content, whether you have only a few videos to select from or dozens. Vpaks are extremely user-friendly, and we are happy to share our “best practices” from hundreds of projects we have completed for organizations just like yours.
Vpak offers a wide range of screen sizes ranging from “small” to “large” (all sizes diagonal)

 2.4” Standard Definition

 2.8” Standard Definition

 8.0” Standard Definition
Note: These screens utilize a 4:3 aspect ratio

 4.0” Tru-Def

 5.0” Tru-Def

 7.0” Tru-Def

 10.1” Tru-Def (Coming soon)
Note: These screens utilize a 16:9 aspect ratio

Vpaks can be powered by battery or AC – or both.

The majority of our pieces are powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion (LIon) batteries. The capacity can be customized to your needs. A 2-hr LIon is our most commonly used size, but we can also make your Vpak with higher capacity batteries, as you require.

If your Vpak will be in “constant” use, we suggest utilizing AC power. Customers using Vpaks for shelf or counter displays may want to keep the unit “on” powered by an AC outlet.

If you want your Vpak to always be charged (think doctor’s office or showroom) but “mobile” so a patient or customer can sit privately and watch (yes, we offer headphone jacks), we can create a “dual power” piece that sits in a “charging dock” and keeps the internal LIon battery in a state of full charge but is easily removed and utilized in a comfortable setting.

Oh – and we include a USB charging cable – at no extra “charge”.

No. Unlike some other manufacturers, our engineers have created special software that “turns off” the charging circuit when the Vpak unit is fully charged.
We make our Vpak players out of only the highest quality new solid state components. We NEVER use used or recycled components. Our fabrication techniques are state of the art and we have customers still using Vpaks that are over 5 years old. Our Lithium Ion batteries are rated for 1000 charging cycles. Of course, without knowing your exact application it is hard to predict but there really is no reason not to expect your Vpak to last for years. You’ll probably want to refresh your message before you need to replace the Vpak.
We make your Vpak to your specifications. We can “lock” the content, or make it easy for you or your end users to update. The content can be easily accessed or “hidden” behind a code that only you know. Recently we’ve made this process absolutely seamless: Check out our new product: “Vpak Updateable”™
We recently introduced the “Vpak Updateable”™ which makes it very simple to send out and
refresh content – without the need to connect to a computer. This unique approach – available only from Vpak – uses a proprietary encryption system to make sure ONLY authorized files can be used to update. No need to worry that someone will “hijack” your Vpak with anything you don’t want loaded!

With Vpak Updateable, it is easy to offer every customer a unique customized tailored video presentation. Now everyone (sales reps, realtors, nurses, etc.) can update a presentation “on the fly” with no need to access a computer! Not all individuals have the same needs, why shouldn’t they have video directed at their specific needs and requirements?

Every Vpak is a custom project – we create your Vpak exactly the way you want it. You don’t have to fit into standard templates and sizes.

After you select the screen size, brochure size and orientation (horizontal or vertical) you require, we will create a custom template and specs for your project within 24 hours.

Within three weeks of receiving your final files (and we both agree they are production ready) we will ship you a production sample. This production sample is identical in every way to the balance of your order – it is not a prototype, “mock up”, nor is it created on a different press than your full order. We use the finest Offset Press in the world – to give your Vpak a beautiful look and feel.

After your approval of the production piece, we will ship your entire order within three weeks.

Because Vpaks are made in our own factory – and never subcontracted – we ultimately control the production schedule. If you are in a rush (and who isn’t?) there are things we can do to help. We will discuss your timing requirements when we start production and keep you informed all along the way.

Vpak utilizes film lamination (instead of cheaper and lower quality aqueous coatings ) to give your Vpak brighter colors and a more durable product.

You can order your Vpak with a gloss, matte or soft-touch® finish.

Every Vpak is a custom piece. Pricing is primarily based on screen size and quantity, but you can add or subtract a number of features to suit your specific needs (i.e. more video or battery capacity, special printing techniques like embossing, foil stamping, etc.) We will get you an accurate quotation for your exact job within 24 hours.

As with all other sophisticated electronics products, the price of components is constantly changing – typically downward. We want to make sure you get the best possible price at the time we fabricate your piece!

Our pricing is fully inclusive of all printing and fabrication of your Vpak. There are no set-up charges or “hidden” or “unexpected” costs. The only cost not included in the price is international shipping – via air freight or ocean freight.
Shipping is FOB, our factory in China. Shipping costs are set by the carriers (typically DHL, UPS, FedEx) and are based on size (volume), weight and capacity. We do not “mark up” their costs and because of the extremely large volume of shipping that we do, we are offered the best competitive rates these carriers offer. We always shop for the best rate for every project before we commit to a carrier. We will give you a shipping quote at the time we send you a proposal.
Unlike domestic carriers, we cannot select “overnight” or “two-day am”, etc. as options for your order. There is a fixed amount of capacity and the trip is 10,000 miles.

There are two types of Air Freight products – but they are more like “insurance” than actual schedule enhancers.

International Air Freight Economy (IAFE) is the as expected the most economical way to ship your order via air freight. If capacity is not an issue, you can expect your order in about 3-4 days. When capacity becomes “constrained” (Christmas shipments or Apple® releases a new
iPhone, etc.) it might be advisable to upgrade to International Air Freight Priority (IAFP). IAFE shipments may get “bumped” by IAFP shipments.

We will keep you informed about “capacity” issues and recommend if an upgrade is worthwhile.

Please note: Vpak cannot be responsible for conditions outside of our control such as weather and customs. We will always provide tracking information and keep you informed of the status of your order until it is delivered.

Vpak has always been the leader in innovation and in bringing new and exciting features and benefits to our products. While much of our latest Intellectual Property (IP) is protected by existing and pending patents, we frequently allow other manufacturers to copy our approach to make sure everyone who is investing in Video In Print will have a positive experience.

Our mission is to bring the latest technology and the most requested features to our customers in the most affordable and reliable way possible.